Don't tell me to shut-up!

November 9, 2021

BY Dan Kopelman

The year ahead is looking brighter for conservative Republicans as the Democratic Socialists continue to take over the Democratic party. Trillions (_,000,000,000,000) are being committed to new programs and future generations are being committed to the kinds of social welfare programs that make working people want to quit, investors withhold funds and entrepreneurs just stop trying.

Such economic declines have plagued Europe and made it into a slow-growing slug depending on "state" support and hoping the success of foreign investors will save them. There is no country that will save a stagnant US economy once the "invisible hand" of our great free-market economy is shackled by regulators and mandates. 

It is time to simply say no. No, to government dictates from a feckless President who does not know where he is half of the time. No, to claims that seasonal flu merits mandates due to an unremarkable mortality rate. No, to Critical Race Theory being substituted for history, math, literature, and science in our schools. No, to banning of discussions of issues contrary to what alphabet agencies choose to say. No, to businesses bending to demands of an out-of-control administration. 

There does not have to be rioting in the streets as we saw throughout the "summer of love" and we don't have to take our case to Washington DC. We simply have to stop complying with these tortured perversions of logic pretending it is "for the children" or to "save lives" when there is so much evidence to the contrary (even from those very same government agencies).

Change begins with each of us. Do not comply, do not give in, do not give up.