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July, 19 2023 6:30pm


Scott Graves
CCSD Board of Education Candidate
Can Colorado once again become a great place to educate kids into the future?


   East Side Kosher Deli

499 S Elm St

Denver, CO 80246

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July 19, 2023

August 16, 2023

Sept 20, 2023


J-GOP is a social and political organization that is more than 30 years old. We have been meeting at the East Side Kosher Deli in SE Denver for many years with 20 to 40 attendees regularly and are not afraid to discuss controversial topics. We welcome both Conservative and Republican minded Jews and non-Jews of any denomination to attend and become active members of our organization. 

Contact us today to make a difference and to get involved.

Meeting Date Time and Location

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm of the month, as long as there is not a conflict with Jewish Holidays, at East Side Kosher Deli (499 South Elm Street, Denver, CO 80247). Join us there!!!


We believe that by expressing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community. At Colorado Jewish Republican Coalition we pride ourselves in our regular contribution to individual and community support. 


Our monthly meeting is made up of a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to let members of the greater Colorado Jewish community know they are not alone. We create a welcoming, politically conservative environment for all types of Jews and non-Jews. Don't just stand on the sideline get engaged in your community.


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Tom Tancredo

Retired Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has been a friend of the CJRC for decades and gives over knowledge and insight with every visit.

Sherrie Gibson

The Colorado GOP Vice-Chair in 2018 spoke to our organization about how the GOP intended to rebuild and move forward. Her ideas and efforts were welcome and are still needed in Colorado and Nationally.


Dan Kopelman

President Pro-Tem. Being involved in Republican politics since the early 1990s has been an amazing journey for Dan. He served in the Army Reserve, worked as a DOD contractor, worked for a small business, has been employed at the Federal and State level as well. Dan returned to the private sector and is hoping to hand the reigns of CJRC over to a capable, enthusiastic leader.

Some of our members

We have a diverse gaggle of attendees and look forward to seeing one another back in the East Side Deli (or another location) soon. Colorado and the Jewish Community is changing and we will wake up whomever we can to the simple truth that the politically Conservative approach can win. 

Converts Welcome

This is Dan with David Horowitz, he is a self-proclaimed former "Red Diaper Baby"  who went from Marxist to rock-solid Conservative strategist and prolific author. He is a typical Jewish Republican who has overcome extraordinary pressure to be a supporter of endless big government to a champion of the Free Market. He is definitely on the team, even if we can't pay his speaker fees these days.


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