Statement on October 7th Attack

December 13, 2023

BY Dan Kopelman

This was emailed to the J-GOP list shortly after the end of Simchat Torah (the body of the email is reproduced as it was sent):

Jewish Republicans of Colorado

Dear friends,

This Shabbat and Sunday (Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah) was the single most difficult Chag weekend I have experienced. I was too young to understand the impact of the Yom Kippur War, but in retrospect it was at least not something the United States leadership was actually responsible for. 

This will not be the standard "let's all just get along" kind of email coming from many others. If you don't want to hear some straight talk, just delete this now. 

From the moment I heard the words, "Did you hear Israel was invaded?" I knew the exact reason and who was to blame. I know, in my heart, he and his political party have done their best to weaken the resolve of our country and in doing so have emboldened every dictator, despot and terrorist on planet earth. Former vice-President Joe Biden is to blame for the murder of 13 US Soldiers in Afghanistan and the 80 billion in vehicles, weapons and ammunition that is now in the hands of terrorists. Former vice-President Joe Biden is to blame for the $6 billion (and up to $10 billion) in frozen assets released to Iran and clearly, immediately used to finance terror in Gaza.

The United States Central Intelligence agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as every other alphabet agency has been expending resources attacking one guy who they didn't like. A guy with a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. The Democratic party could not even muster the intestinal fortitude to condemn Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib or AOC for their blatant anti-Semitic rhetoric. We have former and current Democratic State Representatives who will use any excuse to forgive normalizing relations with terrorist supporting nations and one-sided "peace" deals, to the point where even Jews fitting this description will not speak out against their sacred party leaders. 

Frankly, I am disgusted and offended with them all. 

There is no excuse for the failure of the Mossad and the IDF, but in their defense, the have been lied to by every elected leader in the Unites States for decades about many things (from weapon and radar systems, nuclear capabilities and including promises to move the Embassy) at the behest of a disgustingly pro-Arab State Department. Was it in the name of oil? Seems not since we are running to less efficient and more costly alternatives. Was it just incompetence? Seems not since we can control what is communicated and not communicated on every form of social media. Maybe the hate for Jews in Washington DC has reach a peak? Maybe it is time to take our intellect and inventiveness and go home. Back to Israel. Build a nation with the focus on G-d and await His judgement. 

I don't know... What I do know is it is exhausting saying "If ____ happens it will lead to the destruction of Israel." Just to have Democrats and their sympathizers roll their eyes and say "no, it is the year 20__ and that can't happen with the technology we have today". They are wrong. There is proof, turn on the news. We can see the tears and the fear and the unending sadness.

If the theft of elections and the bankruptcy of honest debate is now the norm, there are no answers, just prayers.

To that end, I recently read a brief letter from a local Chabad Rabbi that moved me more than some others (the others were brilliantly drafted as well). This one has something we can all do that is truly needed:

From Rabbi Avram Mintz Chabad Jewish Center - South Metro District:

Here are a few suggestions I believe you'll find meaningful:

Firstly, always remember we are all connected! The Jewish people is often compared to a single body; when one part becomes healthier, the entire body benefits. By performing a Mitzvah, we uplift our brethren in Israel.
Let’s find strength in our connection with each other by being particularly kind and generous to one another. Let’s find strength in our connection to G-d, by increasing in observance of Mitzvot and Torah study.

I urge you to adopt a Mitzvah in honor of the Israeli people. Maybe dedicate 10 minutes daily for Torah study, Give Tzedakah or Put on Teffilin.
If you are not sure which Mitzvah to choose or would like to speak about this, please reach out to me, I will be happy to help.
Know that every Mitzvah strengthens our spiritual connection, bringing protection to our brothers and sisters in Israel. So, please choose a Mitzvah soon!

Secondly, if you have contacts in Israel—and I believe many of us do—drop them a line. A call or an email expressing your care, mentioning the Mitzvah you're taking up for them, can be uplifting.

Friends, let's pray to G-d from the bottom of our hearts:

Please, G-d, bring back all hostages to their families.
Please G-d, send healing to all those who are injured.
Please G-d, send comfort to the families who have lost their loved ones.
Please G-d, be with the brave IDF soldiers, deliver success and total victory to their hands as they battle this evil.
Please G-d, be with Israel's leadership, that they make the right decisions for the safety and security of Israel.
Please G-d, enough with this galut (exile), enough with a world that suffers from such atrocities, please bring Moshiach already and make our world whole again.

We will endure, we will survive, and ultimately we will thrive.
Am Yisrael Chai.
ה׳ עוז לעמו יתן, ה׳ יברך את עמו בשלום
“G-d will give strength to His people, G-d will bless His people with peace” - Psalm 29:11

Prayerfully with eyes filled with tears for my country,
Dan Kopelman