The Neo-Banana Republic Rises

August 9, 2022

BY Dan Kopelman

The transformation of America is nearly complete. With the raid on the home of his political opponent, former Vice-President Biden has made the United States into the modern Banana Republic, complete with the persecution of political opposition. Immediately following the vicious selfie-taking costume visit to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, there were hundreds of arrests, in contrast to the 573 BLM riots in the last half of 2020 where there were dozens of deaths and nearly as many arrests. This is the new face of justice in the age of COVID. The government identifies uppity free-market conservatives and patriots and investigates or arrests them. The compliant and "mostly peaceful" BLM supporting protesters are ignored unless they are actually caught engaged in a murder... well usually. 

These are troubling times. Keep your powder dry (and safely stored where it can't easily be found) ... you may need it.