Rules for Thee and not for Me?

June 15, 2023

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BY Dan Kopelman

Okay, the left has declared (in spite of Bill Clinton using a Sock Drawer to store "Classified" recordings) that the ability of a President to claim ownership of documents, any documents (as determined by the court with the Sock Drawer case) is not relavent any longer. A quick reading of the Presidential Records Act pretty much verifies that Hillary Clinton and her server were gross violations, far more negligent than previously disclosed (and ignored) by the media. Let us not forget, we learned about Bleachbit and how to smash a phone from Hillary.

The Biden Crime family is reaching new hights in corruption and it appears even Chuck Grassley is willing to go on the record with $10,000 in bribes listed in documents in the hands of the FBI. 

Be ever vigilant and try to keep your head clear when the Left attacks, tell them with a laugh and a smile they are idiots and wrong about everything they are saying (so are some RINOS).